Nicla Vision IMU data to 3D position estimate (x,y,z)


I’m trying to extract the 3D position of the Nicla Vision using the on board IMU. I’ve seen things online about using sensor fusion / filters like Madgwick, Kalman, etc. but am having difficulty transferring these findings into OpenMV. Has anyone done this before within OpenMV? On the Nicla? Please let me know, thanks!

Hi, there’s a complete ulab module support in firmware that basically gives you numpy support. I’ve found it to be quite good and able to do everything you need for matrix Alegrbra:

E.g: openmv/scripts/examples/02-Image-Processing/01-Image-Filters/ at master · openmv/openmv (

You still need to be able to understand how to use linear algebra and how to compose matrices yourself. I found ChatGPT to be helpful in thinking about this. You can ask it to output numpy code for doing the matrix math.