Nicla reset before download firmware


I want to download nicla firmware without using IDE.

IDE use dfu-utils. OK for this and parameters.

But IDE send a command to reset board before start dfu-utils.

What is it ?
Where I can find this command ?


Here: qt-creator/src/plugins/openmv/openmvpluginio.cpp at b1c459d83fb4c5bbccaf0bf1294dd04cedc0c8f7 · openmv/qt-creator (

We send a special command to our firmware which resets the board and causes it to enter the bootloader.

Follow the IDE code to decode how this works.

great !
thanks, I will test it

The whole protocol is implemented in Python here:

It’s just a single file so easier to read and understand than the C++/IDE implementation.

There’s also an example using that with pygame to capture and display the framebuffer: