Creating firmware for Nicla Vision

Hi @kwagyeman @iabdalkader, I’ve created some basic classes for the Fuel Guage IC and PMIC for the Nicla Vision (here). I also intend to modify the lsm6dsox library for my special use case. For instance to create interrupt that could wake the board up from sleep without using the ML core.

I think I read somewhere that custom methods/classes can be bundled into the firmware. If that’s possible, how could this be done. I haven’t found any guides on this. Could you help me with some pointers? Thanks

Hi, they just need to be in the scripts/library folder when you build the firmware. Also, you have to add the files to the file in the omv/boards folder for your board.

Thanks @kwagyeman. Follow up question. How do I build? Do I need to just compile the OpenMV IDE project from GitHub after adding my files?

Please read thee documentation on our github about how to compile the firmware.

Found it.Was just about to delete my reply