OpenMV can't build a new firmware for Nicla Vision

Hi everyone!

I am using Nicla Vision, and have followed all steps for Image Classification with Edge Impulse and OpenMV in this link:

However, I can’t finish the last step: “7. Test the Model”. Everything is fine until I create and deploy a library with OpenMV in Edge Impulse.

Since the Nicla Vision doesn’t have any on-board SRAM we need to build the machine learning model into the firmware and load it from the flash. So, I go to the openmv girhub and fork the repository.

Then, I rename the machine learning model and the label file, and In my fork, I replace the built-in machine learning model under src/lib/libtf/models with the model downloaded from Edge Impulse. Finally, It fails to build a new firmware for Nicla Vision.

I have repeated this process 3 times, I have changed the image size to 96 and 48, used Grayscale, etc. etc and nothing works.

My openmv project on github is public, and you can see these errors below:

Note: openmv only build firmware for OPENMV2, NANO33, and ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT

Conclusion? This doesn’t work, or maybe I’m doing something wrong. Please I need technical support

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If you check the build log you’ll see the compile fails because your model is too big by 640KB. So, you need to massively reduce the size of your model.

Hi @kwagyeman

Thanks for your support! I followed your advice and it works … I sacrificed some precision to get the size of my model down. I think that by trial and error I will be able to make my model more optimal.

If anyone is stuck on this issue, I’m posting a project on element14, and I’ll post my experience with OpenMV, Nicla Vision, and Edge Impulse at the link below:

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Glad you were able to get is solved.

We have a new version of the system we are about to launch. It will not have this issue.