Lens Focus - Best way?

What is the best way to focus the lens with the lock on the thread?

I didnt realize it was focused at the factory and messed with it.

Now it doesnt work nearly as well.


locked focus nut is usefull only in the final installation of the camera.
dont mess with it.
you can completely remove it and put it back on your final setup.
This way you will be able to focus always on testing.
if you dont want to remove it just screw it to the end so to have space to focus.
The lens isnt in focus from factory cause the factory dont know what your working distance is though…

When I got my camera there was no locking ring.

I chose to wrap a few layers of Teflon plumbing tape on the focus threads to make it bind slightly and removed the screw that held the focus. Works great.

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