Issue with lens fit

I purchased three of the H7 cameras and a whole bunch of accessories to experiment with. I bought a couple of the Ultra Wide Angle lenses and for backup, I bought a couple of spare lens mounts. I’m glad I bought the extra lens mounts. The wide angle lenses do not easily thread into the lens mounts that come with the H7 camera. Technically to the thread size is the same, but try to thread the wide angle lens into the stock lens holder on the H7 board and the fit is so tight that I cannot thread it all the way in. Looking at the lens mounts, they are clearly different. I uploaded a picture to show what I mean.

Hi, yes we know about this issue, it’s just some of the lens mounts are tighter. We don’t test every single one we just replace them if there’s an issue.

Scott, please email us and we will send you replacement lenses from our stock. Our manufacturer may be using a slightly different mount than we approved. We should be able to fix this.

I tested my different lenses in the different lens holders and here is what I found. The thread on the wide angle lens is too big, and won’t thread into the stock lens mounts. They do, however, thread into the spare mounts I bought, which are also a bit too big. To use the wide angle lenses, I have to replace the stock lens mount with the spares I bought.

In total, I have 3 H7 cameras, 2 telephoto lenses and 2 wide angle lenses, plus 4 different types of shields. My last order was from OpenMV website on June 21. Air waybill #2479473205. I don’t think you have to send me anything, but you can decide. Also, I was impressed that the package arrived from Hong Kong to Canada in only 3 days.

We talked to our CM about this issue and they tried their stock mount they use with all our lens types and didn’t find any problems. This may be a tolerance issue that would require testing every lens before using it. Unfortunately, that’s cost prohibitive for us. So, we will just have to one off deal with these issues.

I’m okay with that. I resolved my issue by mixing and matching lenses and mounts. If I have a problem in the future, it can be dealt with at that time.