image distortion

Hi there,

i have a strange problem with the images from an openmv h7 with global shutter module attached.
no matter what lens i will use always the distortion in the image is bigger from the left side that the right.

Is this a hardware fault?

I have tested all the lens ir telephoto and the lens that come with the global shutter module.
the camera is perfectly leveled to the surface of the inspection.

please hve a look on the image below i have took with the standart global shutter module:

it looks like the sensor isnt allign well on the board?

We don’t make any promises on how perfect the alignment of the sensor is.

But, what’s the error exactly? Can you point out the issue in the image below?

If your lens is not directly over the top of the sensor it will do this.

I don’t think you can physically change the alignment but you can use image.lens_corr with the x_off and y_off set to correct it (this is assuming it’s just a x/y lens displacement).

Although the difference is so huge in your image I wonder if the lens and sensor are at an angle to each other? Is it cross threaded?

Hi, just move the lens housing. It’s probably not aligned via that. So, unscrew the two black acres on the back and adjust those to get it straightened.

Ok then I will give it a try