OpenMV Cam M7 sensor slanted or off center?


I am trying to use the OpenMV in a makeshift 360 degree view camera. Basically I want to point it at a parabolic mirror so that it sees everything around it. Weirdly enough, however, when I point the camera at the center of the mirror, the mirror is not centered in the camera’s image. Attached is an image of what the camera and the camera’s image looks like when it is pointed at the center of the mirror:

And this is what it looks like when the mirror is tilted significantly:

No, I didn’t flip flop the images. It is actually centered in the camera’ picture when it is that tilted with respect to the mirror. Why is this? Here is an overhead pic, for reference:

Hi, it’s because the lens mount has a little bit of tolerance in it. Since the mount is screwed on it could be slightly off center. If you adjust the set screws you can change how the mount is placed.

Is it possible that it is tilted or just off-center?

Um, given the tolerance of the lens mount you have to line up perfectly.