Help focussing telephoto and super telephoto lenses

I’ve just purchased my first OpenMV Cam H7 R2 complete with a range of lenses and for the life of me I can’t get either the telephoto OR super telephoto lenses to focus on any object regardless of distance to the object. It appears that I can’t unscrew them quite far enough, separating them by just a sliver brings the image into focus but bleaches out the image as light is bleeding in through the gap.
Am I missing a simple step?
I am using the standard mount that came with the board, removing the ‘standard’ lens that came fitted to the board and replacing it with both the others.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Okay, I’ll answer my own question in the hope I’ll save someone else the embarrassment of making the same mistake I did: :blush:
The ‘standard’ lens mount doesn’t have a tall enough threaded protrusion to allow the lens to focus properly, thankfully along with the additional lenses I also purchased a spare lens mount. It has a taller threaded section (in fact is just taller in general) with a total additional height of ~5mm allowing the additional separation between lens and sensor required to allow the image to be brought in to focus.

We had to change the lens mount on the H7 R2 to something shorter than the standard. So, you need to buy different lens mounts now. We sell these on our website.

Let me put on a note on the product page about this.