IDE on mac

I was working on a win8 laptop with a image (blob) tracking system using pan tilt servos. I’m working on adding better control of the tracking. I’m more of a mac person and the mac screen is bigger. Also I check inspect the code using PyCharm. So I loaded the IDE on my mac and connected the usb cable.

The HelloWorld program runs and the FPS is ~ 34
The snapshot program works fine.

My program does not.
The green run triangle stays green for a few seconds and then the IDE disconnects. I added a print statement to the top of the program and it never runs. Just wondering what might some things for me to check. A visual inspection of the code seems to indicate that the code is okay.

Thanks in advance for help.

So I commented out everything but the imports and added a print statement

import gc
import pyb
import sensor
import time


It still has the same behavior. I’m thinking it is a line ending problem or something. I’m still researching this.

Hi, I think this is an issue with how the USB serial stack works. From another user I know the OS drops received bytes. To fix this I’m going to have the IDE learn the path MTU by sending larger and larger fake packets until the OS drops bytes. This will be in the next IDE release. Until then, please avoid using the IDE on a system with this problem.

(The OS drops bytes because we’re sending USB data over a connection that’s controlled by a USB CDC driver. Some drivers assume you can’t send bytes at 12 Mbps but at much lower 115200 speeds so their internal buffers in the kernel aren’t large enough to handle a lot of data the OpenMV Cam sends).


Thanks. I am looking forward to being able to use my mac in the future.


Hi, can you try this version of the IDE for mac out?

Flash your OpenMV Cam M7 with this firmware (attached). (1010 KB)

Can you please try the Mac fix out and let me know…

Can you please try the Mac fix out and let me know…

My choice is Codelobster IDE