IDE in Windows 10

Just got my system today and tried to run in Windows10 on a SurfacePro: i get the spinning wheel of death; nothing else.
When I open TaskManager, it doesn’t show any app’s running


My main machine is a MAC, but I understand IDE doesn’t work on mac yet…when is that expected?

People have noticed that the virus scanner works overtime on the IDE. You should add it to be excluded. We have to digitally sign our IDE to fix this.

See here:

As for the IDE working on MAC. It actually does. Ibrahim just doesn’t have a Mac machine to release it on. So, this causes problems. Here’s a thread on how to run the Mac IDE from source:

Clone the openmv repo to run the IDE. It’s just a python script.

Are you using pyinstaller to generate the executable? If so, you may be hitting this: spybot/avast reports runw.exe / created .exe as infected - antivirus false positive · Issue #847 · pyinstaller/pyinstaller · GitHub