How can recover the OpenMV device

Dear Guys,

Thanks for help and suggestion !!!

Prevously my openMV Cam(M7 ov7725) module works fine until yesterday, but today, unfortunately It seems corrupt and can’t be recovered suddenly.

Today, When I connected the openMV with miniUSB, at beginning its LED turns into green color and flash 6 times, then turn into white color only flash 1 time and finally it entered the infinite flash loop with blue led around 1 second in each iteration without any other response. When I reconnected it with PC again, it also can’t be recognized by OpenMV IDE and disappeared from the windows device manager, can’t to be emulated from windows device manager. Even I also switch different USB slots of the PC, usb cables and reboot and power cycle my PC, but still the same, no response. I also tried to connect RST and V3.3 and try to trigger the DFU mode, but unfornately the device manager can’t emulate the DFU required “STM device in DFU mode”, it seem no chance for me to enter DFU mode to reflash boot and firmware to recover it
I tried another windows7 notebook, still the same, no response can’t be recognized.

My Envirnoment:
PC OS: Windows7
Ardunio IDE 1.8.5

Any suggestion it is appriciate, wish happy new year and best greeting.

Hi, you need to connect RST and BOOT0 together to enter DFU mode. Do that and the device should be recoverable.

Um, alternatively, hit the connect button with no board connected in OpenMV IDE. Walk through the text prompt about the board being bricked, and then connect the board without the DFU jumper to the PC. OpenMV IDE should then rewrite the firmware and erase and flash file which is likely causing the issue.