H7 Plus Purple Image and Small Drive

Some H7 Plus units were programmed with the H7 regular firmware at the factory. If you have an H7 unit with weird purple splotch issues it doesn’t seem to have 32 MBs of FLASH nor 32 MB of SDRAM then it has the wrong firmware onboard.

To fix this issue:

Use the Tools ->Run Bootloader Feature in OpenMV IDE to:

  • Load the /share/qtcreator/firmware/OPENMV4P/bootloader.dfu (can only be done with a new IDE release coming soon - not required initially).
  • Then load the /share/qtcreator/firmware/OPENMV4P/firmware.bin

Step 1 fixes the bootloader so that it can erase the 32MB QSPI flash. Step 2 fixes the firmware.

I will make the upcoming IDE release have smarts to make this easier.