H7 plus Inoperable

I changed the code I used using RT1062 from IDE to H7 Plus and ran it immediately after installation, but the connection itself does not work after an error occurs.

no connection, no DFU


Hi, when you connect the device in DFU mode, it should appear in Windows Device Manager:


It might also appear as an STM DFU device. Our software can handle either one. If it doesn’t appear, check your USB cable and make sure it does data.

This feature is a hardware bootloader in the camera. It will work 100% unless you damaged your camera.

The camera’s LED doesn’t respond and the USB connection doesn’t seem to work on the PC.

Yeah, the LED won’t light in DFU mode.

If nothing appears in USB check your USB cable and make sure if offers data. If this is the case then your camera may be damaged.

It’s hard to break the system though through correct usage. Did you do anything to the board that could have damaged it?