External power on new rt1060r2

I am wondering regarding the external power. I assume the white connector next to the USBC is the external 5v power? Is there also pins on the headers you can power the device from? Or must you use the USBC or white connector only?

Also, GitHub has a 404 to the file you link from the product page for this device https://github.com/openmv/openmv-boards/raw/master/openmv5/rt1060r2/rt1060.pdf

Getting super excited, preorders are shipping soon right?

Related question, I am working on the project that uses the odrive for motor control. Their S1 has a 5v output but the max draw is 150mA. You think that is sufficient?


Hi, will fix the schematic issue.

We’re actually redoing the website completely. That’s why you don’t see much effort going on publicly. It’s all behind the scenes.

Regarding shipping, we’re just waiting on some parts in customs to start manufacturing. SMT was supposed to be this week but it should start next week.

The white connector is battery power. There’s an external VIN. And then a RAW pin which you can pull always on power from.

150mA is a bit low. The system will pull about 160mA when active. However, we can handle a voltage sag. So, it may work.

The pro version will deliver up to 600mA, but I will probably just use a separate DC/DC converter so I dont have to worry. What kind of battery is able to be plugged into the battery port?

Very excited to hear the boards are getting closer!

Just a regular 3.7V lipo from like SparkFun. 2-pin.

Note, we have a full battery charger and the whole low power supply concept actually works. So, the system will draw 30uA when you go into shutdown mode.