You guys removed the independent power support from the USB port on the RT1062

That’s unfortunate because i used that port on the other board to power up from a USB battery.
It works when plugged in a computer but not independently.

I may try soldering to the existing power port and make a custom one.

just pointing that out for others so they know they arent the only one.

I don’t think we’ve removed any supplies, in fact we’ve broken out more input/output power supplies. Which independent power support are you referring to ?

RAW provides always on 5V from either VIN or USB.

The system should power up via USB 5V if you supply it. If you battery is not powering us via 5V then that means your battery is “smart” and not sourcing power unless it sees a certain USB load on the D+/D- pins.

To clarify, on the H7 I used the USB port to supply power from a battery .

This newer USB-C model doesn’t work like that.

Are you saying that you were sourcing power from us as a USB device?

If so, yes, that doesn’t work anymore. Nor should it continue to work.

The new boards can not be powered using the USB C like the H7 didunless connected to a ccomputer for data transfer.

Seems like it is hard coded to not allow it

This is how I powered the H7 .
It will not work this way on the new boards.

This is probably your battery charger.

We just accept power from USB 5V. There’s no logic that prevents it from accepting power. See the schematic for the RT1062. 5V just flows into the system. The power system doesn’t care.

Your brick may look for a certain voltage on the USB data lines before providing power. As the STM32H7 and RT1062 are different MCUs you may get different behavior here. We route the USB lines directly to the MCU without adding anything but TVS diodes / EMI chokes. The same emi choke part is used for the RT1062 and H7 Plus.