Documentation and Examples

I’ve received my board few day afo , but was not working because probably the firmware was not flashed in. Thansk to a post in the forum I’ve fixed the issue and at the moment I’ve installed the release 1.5 .
Now I’ve started to play with the board using the exmples that I’ve have updated taking the ones from Github repository.
I’ve some difficulties with the optical_flow because when it run I got this error message but I don’t find in the documentation something about img.find_displacement:
Am I wrong to use the documentation or there is another place where find some updates on the doc ?
Is there any way to have the documentation printable in as PDF file ?

Thanks. Robero.

After my post I’ve tried to update Firmware version to 1.8 but it doesent work and the board isn’t recognised by my PV ( W7 ). Why ?
Updating at version I.7 the optical_flow don’t show the above error , so I suppose was a problem of firmware .
Still open the question on the documentation.
Than. Roberto.

Hi, did you use the new GUI? Please see the downloads page on the the OpenMV website. As for documentation on that function I don’t have then time to finish it and the IDE. So, I will focus on the IDE first for now. As for how that function works. You just need to compare a copy if the old image returned from snapshot with a new image. If you update the old image every time in the loop then you just get a delta function displacement output. If you only create the old image copy once and then update the new image in the loop you get a global displacement. Nite that phase correlation only works for small displacements because the result is bad. The function outputs a confidence value which tells you when the result is bad.

I’m running this company in my free time after my day job. So, it’s kinda triage at this point on what to work on. Sorry about that.