Datamatrix FPS


I’m working on a project where a need at least 100 FPS reading data matrix or QR codes, April Tags does not fill my requirements. Is it possible?

In the best scenario we get arround 15 FPS with very low resolution.

Hi, data matrix runs pretty slow. We use libdmtx which is the only free library for this in C. Anyway, the algorithm used by the library isn’t the best so you should try to pre-filter the image for a data matrix looking thing if you want more speed. For example, find_blobs() is our own optimized code that runs very fast and can tell you if there’s a black blob on a white area which you can then run find_datamatrix() on.

For an example, see the April Tag color tracking example where we use the ROI of detected blobs to find_apriltags() in. You can just change the AprilTag method for the datamatrix method.

As for going even faster. So, with our H7 coming out and the global shutter camera you’ll be able to take precision pictures given an event. This means you can use some external hardware to trigger taking a picture so if you have some way to know the position of each tag before hand you can take a picture precisely when the tag is aligned with the camera.