Datamatrix detection


I bought H7 plus for datamatrix detection.
But I cant find any datamatrix object.
I try sample Find Data Matrices Example but result is zero.

Can you help me?

what is worng, I tried every resolutions Vga Xvga etc.gray,color etc.

but without results.

Thank you

Try pointing it matrices like these:

We don’t support these matrixes:

We do support these:

My datamatrix is on iron surface not a white paper :).

this is my product where I need read datamatrix:

Ah, yeah, our library won’t handle that directly, you’ll need to binarize the image to black and white.

That’s quite a hard code to read with our code. Our AprilTag library is much better and could 100% handle that. But, were’ just using libdmtx for datamatrix support which is not that great of the library.

I have these reading great in and H7 Plus but it is very sensitive to lighting and surprisingly seems to not like having the code perfectly square to the frame. I have used the pylibdmtx previously on the PC and not seen the angle sensitivity.

Yeah, we use floats instead of doubles in the code. It could by a many number of things that are reducing it’s performance.