datamatrix reads

Hi, I was looking at the youtube video of datamatrix detection and this would suit an application for me. Can I ask for a few comments on how good detection is with the codes on a non flat view to the camera? what kind of angle off perpendicular can you get away with and still get a read of the code? 45? 30? degrees or only a few degrees with 0 being looking straight onto the code (flat). Im trying to gauge how much marshalling of the items in front of the camera I might have to do to get reliable reads. Thanks in adv John

Hi, we use libdtmx for reading data matrixes as it was the only open source c library online for this. Anyway, while it works it’s quite slow. The FPS will not be very high. That said, you can set the resolution very low for reading data matrixes and still see them to go much faster. As for off nadir angles. I would say much more than 15 degrees. QR codes and data matrixes are not meant for off nadir resding. If you need to do that use AprilTags.