AprilTags x DataMatrix - Performance (FPS)


I need much more unique IDs of implemented of Aprilags.
My next option is Data Matrix, but the library libdmtx have low fps.
Have intentions to use another library, example: GitHub - zxing/zxing: ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") barcode scanning library for Java, Android

Or with libdmtx, an option is to pre-locate the code by image filtering.
A Data Matrix has a high contrast (in theory) and a given cell size. If you shring the image so that cells become one or two pixels large, the Data Matrix will stand-out as a highly textured area, and the gradient will strongly respond.
Have possible to work ?


We can’t use lib zxing because it’s not in C. That said, just use an qrcode instead of a data matrix code. Both are similar but you have a lot more FPS with qr codes. QR code version 1 can be decoded at about 10 FPS when seen.

As for April Tags, you can make a composite image with them if you wanted to. I.e. put 3 tags right next to each other that represent a super tag. This would allow you to cube the number of digits you can encode.

However, it’s just easier to use QR codes.