QR Code Data Matrix Library

I am working on Qrcode & datamatrix with your openMV M7 board , I want to know which Library are you using for both 2-D codes

Quirc for QRCodes and LibDmtx for data matrix codes.

Thanks a lot for information
What about zbar & zxing are they faster than this or the one you are using are faster?

Bar code detection is provided by zbar. It’s in there too.

Lib zxing is written is Java and not in C so we can’t use it.

Um, anyway, check the blog out for a post about what have have onboard. We basically have everything other than Aztec codes and PDF417.

If you want faster processing we’ll have that this year with the STM32H7. It will double the performance to be on par with the Raspberry PI zero.