Can we add data in April tag instead of ID?

I want to know can we add data in April tag instead of ID?

like ABCD instead of ID’s

No, tag’s are limited to a numeric range. The largest family has about 2K+ values. The low number of numeric values is what makes apriltags visible form a distance.

Does your application require that you process any string of any length?

Basically I need to add 4 to 5 digit data (like ABCD,F5A6 etc)
So is there any tag that i can use to make & detect by M7 camera
I have tried QR code but its not efficient
so can you please help me in this

Your at the cameras limit. Either close by QR codes or far away AprilTags. If you want the flexibility of QR codes then you need to limit the distance.

Even stronger processors won’t get you past this issue much. A desktop CPU is still limited in QR code resolving distance since the spec was not designed for the kind of long range flexibly of Apriltags.