Creating custom AprilTags

Does anyone know of a website or program I can use to generate my own custom AprilTags? I want to encode strings like “CX1021”.

I built the tag generator into the IDE because there are no websites that generate apriltags. Anyway, the tags only store a number. They are not qrcodes.

Um, you can use different tag families and the numbers in the tags to encode lots of things. I think we support over 5k tags that way.

Otherwise, just put like 4 tags near each other and treat them as one unit with 4 numbers. Deciding the order of deciding the numbers may be tricky however.

How many digits can I encode in one Apriltag? If I have to, I can live without the “CX” and just put in “1021”.

I’ll use TAG36H10 and encode 4 digits.