april tag size

Dear all,

I used apriltag generator from openmv ide which gives 510x510px square with 6x6 information squares of 85x85px surrounded by white and black square

To save size, i did my own 6x6 information squares with size of 13x13px and surrounded only by a 6px white square.

Does it mind if i change the size as i want to detect apriltag with find_apriltags function ?

Do you know other apriltag generator to do specific apriltag size ?


Um, so, you can scale the tag images the IDE generates to any size on a computer. The APrilTag function doesn’t care. However, if you want to know the tag distance you have to know the tag size and some of the camera details like the camera pixel size.

You cannot change the relative space of black and white pixels in the tag however. E.g. you have to shrink or grow the image while maintaining the aspect ratio.