Poor April tag performance


I am trying to use April tags with the M7 and I am getting really poor performance. I’ve been trying all the different formats of April tags from the IDE tag creator, but it doesn’t seem to matter - even looking right at the tag the camera doesn’t pick it up much. With any distance at all (> 3ft), even worse.

How could I improve this? Was really hoping that it would be a lot more robust as it was the key part of a project I am working on now.

Hi, the white border around the tag is actually important. If you removed it then the tag won’t work. The white border has to be about the size of the black border.

You should be able to reproduce what I’ve done in the video online. I can get about 10-12 fps an see about 8ft.

Thanks for the reply.

I did keep the white border.

I was expecting to be able to pick up the tags from a longer range.

Changing to a longer focal length lens or using the “zoomed” April tags example limits the field of view too much for me.

Sorry, the video where we show off this feature is about how well the system works. The distance limit is about 8 to 10ft.

Can you make the tag bigger in the distance?