Connectivity issues

Hello, I encountered such a problem. I received a board with a damaged lens, I replaced it with another one, since I ordered several lenses. When connected via usb, the scripts from the examples do not start, and the LED flashes white. At the same time, such an error is written in the device’s memory, FATAL ERROR: Failed to init sensor, error: -2. Please help with this problem.

Hi, the unit is damaged. Can you email us with the receipt of where you bought it from?

Did it work before replacing the lens ? And did you remove the sensor from the camera or just replace the lens without removing the sensor ? If you removed the sensor, make sure it’s making full contact.

I bought it in your srtore 3 weeks ago.

I just replaced the lens, and didnt work with lens that was damaged

Just to be clear, when you received the camera it was Not working ? And what do you mean by damaged ? Can you send us some photos of the lens and camera to

Yes, it was not working, lens was squashed and probably lens damaged the module under the lens. I sent the photo to

Hi, I didn’t get an email yet.

I sent again from email

Got it.

Thank you for help