Camera extension chord

I have an application to make an eyeball, but the camera and circuit board together is too large. The camera by itself would be fine, so I’m wondering if I can get an extension connector between the camera and the board. 4 or 5 inches would be plenty.
Is it common connectors at the ends? What are they?

Hi, we have these coming soon. We just paid for 250 of them. Production will take a few weeks.

Can I pre-order 2 of em?

Um, I have the samples. So, I could put the product page up. Um, that’s not happening until next week however. I’ll send out an email list update once I do this. Then you can preorder.

how can i get on this email list as well? i tried looking on the website you emailed me for singtown, but i couldn’t find them at the time.

If you backed us on KS or if you ever bought anything from us before then you’re probably on our mailing list. We’ll also let you know here when the cable is available for preorders.

Hi, the sign up for our email list is on the home page.