Any solution for having the camera 40cm away from the board?

G-d willing

How can I place the camera lens about 40cm away from its board? The extension cable is only a few centimeters only.
I found this post (Custom OpenMV cam extension cable) where in the reply it said:
" …Other than waiting for the extension cable, you can try to make your own it’s basically just a flex PCB, you can order these from oshpark: OSH Park Docs ~ Services ~ Flex PCBs "

I understood from this post (Extension Cable for Camera? - #2 by kwagyeman) that “Electrically the bus drivers aren’t that strong. So, after two extensions it will likely fail. It’s 3.3V Parallel I/O.”
Regardless, I wouldn’t like to, even if it was possible, to connect 5 cables together in order to resolve it.


Yeah, we can’t really do this as it’s a parallel data bus.

What does it mean that it is parallel data bus?
What type of solution can I have in order to have a long cable between the lens and the board?

The camera bus on the STM32 MCUs is just Not designed for long transmission distances, there will be a lot of reflections and noise and the signal will degrade fast. I’m not sure it will work but you could try lowering all the image sensor clocks. Anyway, the max distance is the same as the cable that we sell any longer than that there’s no guarantee it will work.

Okay thanks