Camera Module Extension Cable longer

Hello, about the Extension Cable is it possible to have more choice, i.e. is it technically possible to have 30 cm ones? Commercially from you?
Or in the form of shielded cable to be more immune to ECM ?

Yes, but, it’s not a focus right now.

We don’t have any plans currently to build more of these options for the time being.

Okay, thanks for your response

Note, we have plenty of the current ones in stock… and you can attach them to each other to extend. However, typically things fail after adding a second one unless you slow down camera clocks.

Ok, but I need low latency in my project, in fact my algorithm runs at 134 fps (64x64px) to have a delay between the image identification and the frame on the CAN network < 15 ms (usually ~9 ms) . I can slow down the clock to have 100 fps. (max 20ms but no more to meet project requirements). So for my project I think that slowing down the clock will increase the latency to more than 20ms/100Fps, right?
Otherwise we will continue with the 10cm extension which already allows us to position the camera in one more situation for our project. And do with this constraint to position the mobile sensor.

The global shutter sensor actually only has a 27MHz clock. It’s slow compared to the OV5640, which is 80 MHz. You may be able to get away with multiple extensions for it.

I can verify that…

Two extensions are no issue with the Global Shutter. That gets you to 16cm. I don’t have any more to test with to see the max.

Extension Cable is it possible to have more choice, i.e. is it technically possible to have 30 cm ones? Commercially from you?

Question: There’s no reason we couldn’t invest in buying longer ones if we had an order. How many would you want to buy? We’re purchasing these 500 at a time. If you were buying several hundred, I’d be okay with moving forward with making longer ones.

I have a global shutter, but I can’t use it because the image is only black and white (in my last try) and I need to recognize several icons in color.

Thanks, but don’t worry, the current solution with an 8cm cable already offers us a lot of possibilities. We will stick with this solution for now. It is mainly installation constraints that we should be able to get around with our customers (we install the cameras in their vehicle for a few days, then dismantle them, so there is very little volume)

(For your next design when your 8cm stock is empty. Perhaps look at a slightly longer flexible tablecloth, with 4 layers which would allow you to have pseudo shielding using only the middle layers if possible and not already the case perhaps.)

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