Building from scratch

Hello there,

I’ve been looking for a project on OSH Park to sink my teeth into. I’ve been soldering random Chinese unassembled kits from AliExpress but I don’t want to buy another SMD practice board or a dice randomizer :slight_smile:

My main goals are to have fun by practicing manual manufacturing by hand and learn how to take an open source project like yours from documents, to parts ordered, to assembled board, and project implementation.

I came across this project and thought it would be a really fun thing to build. I’m a little out of my element here so I’m trying to gather my bearings. What I’d like to do is get a run of the board from OSH Park, send the BOM Mouser/DigiKey to give me a quote, get the components in, solder it together, flash the firmware and begin playing with it.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach to going about this project? Have I missed any tutorials or step through guides somewhere that might help me?

Sorry for getting back to you so late. Been busy.

So, you’re free to try to do this. However, we source the camera directly from the manufacturer at 1500 pieces at a time. So… I’m not sure how you are going to get your hands on one. Additionally, the lenses and lens mounts are not on DigiKey/Mouser, we get them direct from China.

Anyway, good luck.

Which parts are those in the BOM?

These two?
-OV2640 BGA CSP2
-LENS + MOUNT M12/20MM 16x16


Ok, I think I can get the chip from Ali here:

and perhaps this?

Sure, but, note, the OV2640 is garbage. We use the OV7725 now. Read our KickStarter updates for why on that statement.

Our firmware should still support the OV2640 however.

Haha, ok. That’s what is on the BOM for the OpenMV2 on GitHub I thought. Does the BOM represent the latest build?

It’s probably not updated. Except for the camera sensor not much has changed. You can spec out all the parts from the schematic.

(Yes, sorry about it not being perfect - other higher priority stuff to work on).

Ok, thats good info. Thanks!

So I need to cross check the BOM with all the components actually listed in the schematic.

Are the board files on OSH Park the last you used or should I upload the ones from github? Are they the latest?

Use the latest ones from GitHub.

Thank you for all the guidance such far. Can I confirm that the newest lens should be “OV7725 CSP-28”? I believe that I found a source for a small run of 5 of them here:

Doesn’t really look like our sensor. You might want to buy one of the OpenMV Cam’s on our store as a reference. Here’s the data sheet.