Breakout board+portenta h7+openmv global shutter camera problem

Hi just bought these hardware , connected to a pc via usb-c cable to a portenta h7 but the openmv ide doesn’t recognize the global shutter camera , it say no sensor…
microswitch boot and bt_sel are in off because in default on mode portenta boot in dfu mode.
openmv ide is the latest and firmware is v4
please let me know

Which breakout board is this ? The global shutter sensor is not enabled for the Portenta board by default we only enable the Himax sensor… I can enable it in the next release though.

is the original Arduino portenta breakout board:
and in a brochure from arduino it says it support global shutter camera module

this is the brochure i meant:

Yeah… Arduino actually never asked us to enable the feature though or test it before selling the product… so, I hope it works.

Hi, this is going to sound crazy… but, Arduino released the product without asking us to make code changes to support these sensors. As such, the hardware has actually never been tested. Further more, Arduino used different pins than they used on their camera shield which will require us to restructure our sensor driver to reconfigure its I/O pins to support different locations for sensors.

So, enabling support for all our modules looks possible but will not be simple and it’s going to require quite a few codes changes. I’ve let Arduino know about this and once they put it on Ibrahim’s todo list this can get supported quickly.

Given this is an active product that they are selling they should make this Ibrahim’s top priority.

Hi , are there any news on this ?

Yeah, it’s not going to get fixed until Arduino wants it to.

I checked the board pinout and they used totally different pins than before. So, we’d actually have to make another firmware for the Portenta to even make this work…

Please email Arduino and/or post on their forums to get them to schedule us to add firmware support via another Portenta application image.

Mmm is very strange because I’m in contact with Sebastian Romero from arduino and he wrote me 1 month ago he has asked to enable it….
I don’t understand


If we add another firmware image for the Portenta and retarget the I/Os for the camera then this is easy for us to get done quickly.

Maybe it was just miss-communications. No one is currently working on this and it isn’t in the queue either.

Hey, this is now supported, if you’re interested I can send you a firmware for testing @tradexsrl

Hi , yes send me the firmware so i can test it

Attached. (1.2 MB)

hi , i load firmware to portenta via tools-run bootloader (load firmware) , i get version 4.1 but as you can see no global shutter camera recognized

Okay I will do some more testing and get back to you.

Hey, I also have the same problem as @tradexsrl 's.
Is there any updates that I can try?

You can try the latest firmware see if it works: Release v4.1.0 · openmv/openmv · GitHub

I made some more fixes since then, but unfortunately I don’t have a breakout to test so I asked Arduino to help with testing and debugging the issue, and I’m waiting on them to get back to me.

I tried by loading the latest firmware that you mentioned but, unfortunately I am getting the same error again as shown in @tradexsrl 's screenshot.

Like I said I don’t have the breakout so there’s not much that I can do, still waiting on Arduino to test and get back to me.