Any plans for hyperspectral cam modules?

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I recently bought the H7 R2, the Flir adapter and a Lepton 2 for testing out the system. In secret I’ve been excited by hyperspectral imaging for plastic grade identification. Now, I haven’t had the time to sweep through the market for possible sensors to do the job, but maybe you have? And if so, do you have any plans on releasing such a cam module for the OpenMV? :smirk:

The camera chips necessary to do that cost $200 per camera IC. This means the product cost for the camera module will be like $500.

Is this is a price you’d be willing to pay?

If the cam module is capable of sensing wavelengths in the range of about 850-1700 nm and if, with a suitable ml-algorithm, it would be possible to identify a plastic grade based on the peaks in the respective wavelengths, then indeed the 500$ would be a bargain.

Yes, I would definitely buy one :blush:

Oh, you want long wave infrared. I was thinking you want a polarized image sensor which can detect surface deformation. For what you want it’s like $10k+.

10k costs ready industrial grade hyperspectral cameras. You have to build the rest computing unit or buy one for other 10k thought.
Don’t know if the openmv camera can handle programming a hyperspectral sensor also.
Hyperspectral imaging is still very expensive.
It will be a good idea to build a multispectral sensor module in vision spectrum + ir .
This would be cheap enough and there are many projects to implement it.

Yeah, they just don’t sell the imaging chips. Interfacing with them isn’t hard. But, since it’s so niche there’s not really a market for just the camera IC.

Also, these cameras require an FPGA to drive the sensor. Unlike a CMOS camera there’s no digital logic on the camera Ic to control it. You literally have to activate the sensor columns, shift out pixels one by one, and generally drive all the control signals to the image sensor pixel array yourself.

(This could be done by a cheap lattice FPGA though link a cross link chip).

Would these Hamamatsu InGaAs sensors be a possibility? Area sensors | Hamamatsu Photonics

Do know what they cost?

Yeah, so, we’re going to be supporting some HDR Sony sensors very soon in the new year.

As for these sensors. If you wanted to do the leg work and find a sensor and build a module we could support it. I don’t think we’ll have time next year.

I’m very pressed at work and hardly have time for R&D anymore with OpenMV. But, since the chip shortage seems to be ending we’re going to be bringing back the H7 soonish and something better soon we’ve been preparing along with a focus on getting shipping working super well and other operational stuff next year.

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What is the status on supporting HDR sensors from Sony? Which model are you planning to support?

The driver has been finished and we are waiting on a new interface board. The first version of it was not designed right.

We are support the 1280x720 module. Don’t remember the name of it at the moment but there’s only 1.

Thanks! I am not able to find anything about it in the sensors folder in the openmv github repository. Has the driver been added there yet?

Is this the part: CXD5602PWBCAM2W ?

Hi, the driver is sitting in a branch on my GitHub. I can’t merge it until I can test it. Our first test hardware board was broken and didn’t work. As this work was being done for someone else I am waiting on their new hardware test board to arrive. Seems to be taking a while actually…

No problem. Thanks!