Overlay FLIR Radiometric Lepton 3.5 IR camera on top of the Cam H7 video image.


I am looking to overlay the FLIR Radiometric Lepton 3.5 IR video image on top of the OpenMV Cam H7. Do you have any suggestions on how to best integrate the two cameras? and also how to overlay the images without having a ghosting effect?

The objective is to use CNN to detect an object and from that determine if it’s functioning outside its temperature range.

My apologies if my questions seems basic, I am very new to this.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, we don’t support color and the lepton at the same time. You just have the Lepton 3.5 video stream on the image.

If you have the lepton 3.5 and the h7 just run the Examples → Lepton → target temperature tracking and you’ll be ale to track the object.

Wow, thank you for the quick reply. I have not puchase the OpenMV yet but it looks like I will.

  1. Is there a reason that you do not support color?
  2. How would I mount both cameras?
  3. Does the example also leverage the Radiometric feature?

Sorry for all the questions.

Hi, the radiometric feature is supported by our driver and enabled for the example I mentioned.

We don’t support a color camera and the FLIR at the same time. Folks have asked for this and maybe we might do it in the future. But, our camera driver was written to support one camera at a time only so we support the FLIR Lepton or a color camera. The FLIR image by itself is quite usable for image processing.

Thank you so much for the prompt and clear responses. I am going to get the Open MV because it will save me so much time from doing most of the plumbing work.

You totally rock!!