Lepton functionality with OpenMV


I am working on an Infrared camera project using FLIR lepton and I am hoping to start with OpenMV FLIR kits. I had few queries to clear before the purchase,

Is FLIR lepton 3.5, 160x120 compatible with OpenMV?
I wanted to know if the pan tilt shield is compatible with PhantomX Robot Turret Kit. It comes with a ArbotiX robocontroller. Can this be integrated with the OpenMV Lepton functions?
Can the WiFi shield be used to transmit data from OpenMV remotely to PC?
I needed to detect humans using IR camera. I know OpenMV has already created a neutral network that detects this. How are the radiometric measurement parameters of the FLIR Lepton set? Is this separately done
through Lepton sdk or OpenMV IDE?
I also needed to capture infrared images at timed intervals using the OpenmV flir kit? Is this possible using OpenMV?

Kindly advice.


Yes, the FLIR Lepton 3.5 works with it. All of them do.

I don’t know if our pan tilt shield is compatible with the kit you mentioned.

All your questions are a general yes. When asking details please make an effort to Google documentation we have already written on these things. We have a large API and example code that answers most of your questions.

For detecting people, just use blob detection with the FLIR. There’s no need for a CNN. You just set the temperature you are looking for to what the human temperature is and you are good.

Thank you.

Please see the examples in OpenMV IDE. You can set the target tracking temperature easily.