Multiple cameras & WiFi shield?

Hi all, I’m looking to setup a camera system with a FLIR Lepton, and a regular HD camera, with access to the internet as well. The OpenMV is close to my needs, but I’d have to choose between the FLIR or the regular camera.

Does anyone know if it would be possible to run the FLIR Lepton as a shield rather than replacing the camera, and still be able to use the WiFi shield as well? I wouldn’t expect to record from both cameras at once, but would like to be able to switch between them as needed and stream the footage (at low FPS) to a server for processing.


Hi Motas, we added support for the FLIR Lepton to the FIR module. So, if you hookup a lepton to the H7’s SPI bus and I2C bus it should work when the

Please see the documentation.

Note, this support was added to support the new OpenMV Pure Thermal. However, it works on all cameras.

As for the wifi part… that’s going to conflict. Maybe us an ESP32 with a uart and the RPC library.

Thanks Kwabena,

Sorry, I’m not sure if I explained myself well enough, but I want to use both the OV5640 and the FLIR Lepton on a single OpenMV board, so the Lepton would have to attach using the second SPI port on the IO pins.

So I think this is the setup that might (?) work:

OV5640 - SPI 1 and I2C 1 using the normal camera plug
FLIR Lepton - SPI 2 using pins P0-P3
WiFi Module - UART 3 using pins P4-P5

Would this work?


The FLIR Lepton will need P0-P5: fir — thermal sensor driver (fir == far infrared) — MicroPython 1.13 documentation

Mmm, this doesn’t leave any comm pins. You have I2C4 and that’s all. If you want. You can hack the firmware to make the module use I2C4 versus I2C2:

Change that to I2C4.

Okay so then the Lepton would use pins P0-P3 and pins P7 & P8.

That would leave pins P4 & P5 for a UART connection for WiFi?

That sounds like something which will work, thanks for your help!

Yeah… sorry this is not ideal. The OpenMV Pure Thermal will launch soon.