2x OpenMV cameras, overlay video


I am wondering if there is a sensible path to follow to overlay 2x H7 video feeds over each other? (or 1x H7 plus a webcam).

I have one cam filtering for outlines and another with a Lepton module installed.

I want to trigger recording on temperature events, and record a scene with better definition, i.e. the outlines and temp data combined.

Many thanks

Hi, if there’s a central PC like a RPi between them then you can use that to combine the data. Otherwise, I’d use the SPI bus to send an image out. You can send out an image as via spi.send(img).

That said, we didn’t write any code to receive a byte array and convert it into an image for the OpenMV Cam right now. So, you’d need to edit the firmware to support that… In particular, you’d have to alloc an image frame buffer and then add a method that can return a bytearray() that represents the image array for spi.recv() to write to.

We don’t have the img->bytearray () method. Please out an bug tracker on GitHub for that to be added.