Place overlay on image to wireless TV shield

Hi Everyone

I just bought a new OpenMV H7 plus camera and a wireless TV shield.
I want to send the image of the camera to an FPV receiver and place an overlay with extra information like the battery voltage and so on.

I have been able to place an overlay on the image towards the PC.

img = sensor.snapshot()         # Take a picture and return the image.
img.draw_rectangle((50,50,200,20),color=(255,0,0), thickness=2, fill = True)
img.draw_string((50,50, "Low battery!"), color = (255,255,255), scale = 2)

But to send the image frame buffer to the tv shield, the same original frame must be used.

Is it possible to use the image data instead the original, I looked into the documentation of the image and tv library but i didn’t find the right solution.

Or is there another solution to place an text overlay over the video data towards the TV shield?

Thanks in advance!

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Just display “img”.

Ok indeed, sorry!

Thanks for the answer!

Kind regards