imagedata directory

I write for the first time.

I connect Wifi Sheild to OPEN MV and am making them move at present.

An indication application is being made in VC# instead of OPEN MV IDE.
A character data could be received.
The file to receive image data isn’t found, so I think when you’d tell.

I can’t speak English, so a translation software is used, so it may be incomprehensible.
Thank you.

Hi, if you’re having trouble with our WiFi shield just use a second wifi based processor versus the OpenMV Cam. You can then hook the two devices up via serial comms. This may be easier for you.

Thank you very much for your early answer.

It isn’t transmitted successfully, so I’ll question once again.

The picture taken in more than a camera is being indicated in OPEN MV IDE.
I’d like to make the program which moves in the same way by VC#.

So please tell me the stock location of the picture indicated in OPEN MV IDE.

See how this script works:

Thank you very much for your early answer.

It may be a right response to a question, but 、、.
I couldn’t look for a directory of a picture stock from the inside in designated SORCE file.

I’m sorry, but please tell me once again.

Hi I understand there’s a language barrier but I can’t quite figure out what you want… maybe a picture with an arrow pointing to what you are talking about will help?

Thank you very much for your early answer.

Excuse me, a question is changed.

" frame = sensor.snapshot ()", please, it was taken a picture of.
A picture is shown to the upper right in OPEN MV IDE.

Please tell me the name of this save image file.

The file isn’t stored on disk. It’s in the memory of the MCU. If you want to save it to disk please use see the Image Saving examples.