WIFI Shield and RPC

hi this is my first post I am so sorry but i am so lost I am trying to connect my OpenMV camera so it saves images to my computer instead of on my camera through the WIFI shield but I can’t get the RPC example to work. The code wont open in python and I don’t know what I am doing wrong.
I uncommented the lines to connect through WIFI
I added my SSID and Key of the WIFI i am connecting to
I then copied and pasted the python code to my OpenMV and changed it to main.py
But when i try to open the code then on python it wont even open the app
it runs the usb code fine expect when it runs it returns a blank screen and 0.0 data.

Hi, the RPC over USB and WiFi is not robust. I need to go back and work on making that more reliable. Please avoid using it.

The library is only robust right now with I2C/CAN/SPI/UART between MCUs where the timeout is known. When using it with the PC some issues arise because of how long the PC takes to respond to messages.

After a lot of struggling with this I managed to save the desired images to pc.
But then you will notice that this isn’t the meaning of this cam. You must have 2 programs running for a such simple operation. Save an image. You have 2 proccesors working too. You have to troubleshoot 2 intepented systems.
I decided to use other cameras without processors for such tasks that requires pc to save images. Then you have to deal only with one program…