imagedata stream

I asked about the directory of the previous image file.
But is my recognition incorrect and sending JPEG data via USB is wrong?
If my recognition is correct I was thinking that it can be checked on a serial monitor, but I can not confirm it.
Please tell me how you are sending camera data

Thank you

Hi, the camera sends a JPEG data stream over serial to the computer. You can use these scripts to see our protocol:

If you need robust multi-platform code then you’d have to look at how our IDE does it which is much more battle hardened.

Thank you for your quick response
I compiled
ImportError: no module named ‘serial’ occurs
Other errors also occur
I think that there are missing files or misconfiguration
Please point out.


sudo pip install pyserial

That’s said, have you run python programs on a Linux device before? You may wish to reference some tutorial stuff. Using those scripts is for advanced users who know what they are doing.

Thank you for your reply

I did it according to your advice

The compile error no longer occurred when I ran it.
Use version python 37-32 (windows 7ver.)

However, on Open MV IDE
ImportError: no module named ‘serial’
Has occurred

Please tell me the setting of Open MV IDE

Thank you

Those script aren’t runnable in OpenMV IDE. They are designed to be run on the linux computer by CPython.

Thank you for your support

As you gave me advice
Running two files on Ubuntu on Linux
I was able to display the camera image.

But serial data stream
I have not confirmed until

Please advice again.

Thank you

Hi, you can dump the serial data stream by using this code:

Just execute it in the loop:

See the 3 lines.