OpenMV camera H7 coder

I am very new to OpenMV and I heard about it just recently due to a project I am working on.
Please excuse me if my question sounds too simple to you, however, please keep in mind that I am new :slight_smile:
So it goes as follows: I am having a Pixhawk 4 and I have a regular FPV camera and a video transmitter. I would like to add to my rig the OpenMV H7 camera with the Lepton 3.5.
I need is to view the video on a monitor that is on the ground. I am using a Video Transmitter and a Video Receiver. However, I am not sure how it is possible to “bring” the video output to the video transmitter. By the way, I am also using the MinimOSD as the layer before the video transmitter.


Hi, you just use the OpenMV Cam H7 with a FLIR Lepton 3.5 and our wireless video shield. The video will then be transmitted over an FPV channel. Alternatively, if you have your own powerful transmitter and video mixer you can use our analog TV shield. Either will output video to a display.

This is very easy…

Thank you for your reply.
Since I am already using a regular camera on my rig, and the OpenMV is about to be the second camera. I want to use both cameras at the same time. However, regarding video transmission, only one will be transmitted. S for that I would like to use a camera switcher. So I can switch the view on my monitor between the cameras.
So I guess that the TV analog shield is what I am looking for.
Can you attach a link to this TV Analog shield?

Thank you very much

Thank you very much.