WiFi shield working in one Firmware but OSError in another?

I have three OpenMV cams and 3 WiFi shields for my project. I have not soldered any of the WiFi shield to the board. Despite that it was working perfectly fine and I was able to stream the video to my laptop.
The firmware that it initially had was one from the factory. I updated the firmware on the other two and they currently have 4.1.1
Using the same method when I run the scan,py example from the IDE an error pops up saying OSError: Failed to initialize WINC1500 module:Init failed. But it works on the other cam with older firmware.
I did this multiple times with the same connection procedure but the outcome is same. Is there a way to revert back the firmware to factory default or solve this problem.

You can downgrade to any older firmware, just need to download it from github but I don’t recommend using older firmware, which cams do you have ? The default scan example works fine for me, maybe you should try to upgrade one of the other 2 cams and see if it’s a hardware connection issue.

You’re not supposed to solder the shield directly to the board, just solder stackable headers to the shield and cam and connect them…see the product page/photos.

Hi, thank you for a quick response. I am using the OpenMV Cam h7+. It was my miswording when I said solder WiFi shield to the board, I actually meant solder the stackable headers.
It was working perfectly fine for the older firmware but now all of them are showing the "Failed to initialize WINC 1500 module: Init failed, while sometimes it shows Firmware mismatched error.
Can the “failed to Initialize…” error be only because of poor connection.
Does the firmware of both the WiFi shield and the board need to be the same? If so how to update the firmware of the WiFi shield.

Looks like a connection issue, you can’t update the module firmware if you can’t communicate with it… I tested WiFi scan on H7 and H7+ and both are working fine: