Web server for streaming and audio from microphone

Hello everyone, I have successfully set up web streaming. I can access my streaming IP through VLC, but I’m confused because when I access my streaming IP, it only shows the video without audio.

I have tried using audio library or audio stream but it doesn’t work when I combine it with my streaming to output audio.

this is my source code:

Please help me, thank you.

yaaa i also had that problem,sorry

We don’t support audio.

so,icant use the microphone on my nicla vision in open mv ide?

You can, but, there’s no support for it in our software base really.

hmm okay thank you

Does OpenMV not support streaming audio in VLC? I was only able to save the recorded audio in .pcm file format. I really needed

We don’t support audio. We might in the future but it’s not really the goal of our project.