Record audio with Arduino Nicla Vision

Hi everyone
(sorry for this 3rd post in so little time but it’s on another problem)

I have an Arduino Nicla Vision with and embedded microphone MP34DT05 and QSPI flash of 16Mbits (even if the component is an AT25QL128A-UUE-T of 128 Mbits !? according to the pinout).

I would like to record audio files on the arduino nicla to build a dataset for AI. No importance about the format : mp3, mp4, wav, flac… And I need to format sound datas for post-processing (other than a sound image).

Among the examples provided in openMV IDE, the FFT is perfectly working (NANO RP2040) and the micro-speech (portenta H7) don’t because of the error "micro-speech doesn’t exist. Other examples on internet use SD cards on SPI.

Does someone know a code for compress and turn the 256bits buffer to a sound file on the Arduino Nicla Vision ? I’ve really searched the internet but haven’t found any oil yet

Thank for any help provided :pray:, even if it’s limited to read my problem :grin:

We don’t really work on audio support.