Issues Audio Recording with Nicla Vision

Hi everyone,

I’ve still the same issue with Arduino Nicla Vision: I’m trying to record audio with this board and writing the data on the serial monitor, but there are many missing data.
The .wav file seems like speed up, thus beacuse there are many “holes” due to missing data.

I’m using PDMSerialPlotter example to send data on the serial monitor and writing a .txt file.

If I count the .txt file rows (a row every sample) there are many rows missing.

How can I write data in a flash memory on the board during the recording and read them later? (like I think edge impulse do)

Thanks for the help.

Hi, what kind of code did you write to do this. Audio recording requires you to have written decently high performance code. Typically you want two ping pong buffers recording audio that do it continuously and then something writing one buffer to the disk.

At the moment we don’t have the necessary abstractions to do this right in MicroPython. You’d need to edit the C code to do this as you have to have a producer thread storing data into those ping ping buffers which would be in an interrupt callback or via DMA and then your main thread would be the consumer writing that to disk.