OpenMV with audio?


I have a project in which OpenMV deduces instructions for playing music (pointer to different points of time) by reading a 2D code which we design. Does anyone have experience in audio with OpenMV? Which of the following is better?

  1. Trying to get an audio output set up using the microchip / bot set e.g. Amp Skin, I2C to another microchip e.g. Arduino…
    4. The AMP audio skin — MicroPython 1.14 documentation

  2. Sending audio instructions to laptop/web’s audio interface and let that handle the audio delivery to the user

I think choice (2) is preferable to (1) because of limitations of audio that can be delivered (fidelity, song choice, etc).

Could I have advice on how this can be done? Me and my friends are new to MicroPython:

(a) is it possible to do USB or UART communication to a laptop to audio
(b) or is it better to hook up to the WiFi interface. Correct me if I’m wrong is there an open source web audio interface to use? Sending something like; i.e. deducing “t=116” from our code is probably too cheap but we also have no background in such a client-server thing for audio.

Would just like a more experienced people weighing in - I have tried to be as specific as possible. Thanks!

Do option 2. The computer vision stuff eats up a lot of the processor time and playing a clean DMA stream of audio samples will not work easily unless you heavily modify the C code to have a full RTOS running under the hood.

I recommend sending UART commands to some other processor to do the action. Or via USB to another processor.