Adding audio to an OpenMV project?

I’m interested in building a project that has an audio component - when the script running on the openMV detects a certain object, an audio cue would play out of a connected speaker.

My initial thoughts are to use something like this Adafruit I2S 3W Class D Amplifier Breakout. I have not used one before, but looks like a straightforward way to connect a board to a speaker and send a signal.

This uses I2S communication. Is this a feature of the OpenMV board?

Has anyone else approached a project like this? Would love to hear any ideas on implementing something similar.

Hi, we do not expose I2S over the I/O pin headers. So, that board would not be usable. I’d recommend having another MCU that can play audio (which is dedicated for this) and then have the OpenMV Cam trigger that MCU to play an audio file.