Very low (<1) FPS with Lepton3.5, openmv h7

I’ve updated openmv IDE to the latest version, plugged in my Lepton3.5 equipped OpenMV H7, agreed to the firmware update (all went well) and started one of the example ( to make sure all is fine.
The image appeared once as shown below (only half of the image visible, the other half is noise), and didn’t refresh, but the serial console showed a very low FPS.
Upon starting the script I could see:

Resetting Lepton...
Lepton Res (160x120)
Radiometry Available: Yes
FPS 0.483793 - Lepton Temp: 30.050018 C
FPS 0.957854 - Lepton Temp: 30.050018 C
FPS 0.897935 - Lepton Temp: 30.179993 C
FPS 0.799520 - Lepton Temp: 30.350006 C
FPS 0.481510 - Lepton Temp: 30.760010 C

Then the code stopped and returned:
RuntimeError: Sensor control failed.

This board was working fine few months ago. Another openMV board with another Lepton3.5 gave the exact same behaviour.
Why could it be so?

Yeah you are the third in one day so it must be the new firmware …

Yeah, it’s the firmware. The VOSPI driver for the Lepton 3.5 is bad.

Hi, here’s a working firmware for the H7 (non-plus): (1.1 MB)

We should be able to get the fix merged into main next week.

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