FLIR Lepton Framerates - Best Version?

I’d like to start experimenting with the Lepton + OpenMV, however after watching your video testing the various models, I want to check my understanding of the various performance differences.

My takeaway is that the only Lepton that could provide an uninterrupted/near 30fps framerate is the 1.x variants, anything 2.x or 3.x has much slower rates and “freezes” due to FFC. Is this a correct assessment?

It outputs 9 fps per ITAR restrictions because you could build a heat seeking missile with it. All do 9 fps of actual data. The FLIR lepton 1 just outputs the same frame about 3x times that makes the fps appear higher.

I was suspecting it was indeed and ITAR thing. Was I also correct about the constant flat field correction? Can that be avoided if I am not interested in temp measurment, and only interested in the thermal “scene”?

No, it’s necessary because the sensor drifts. So, it has to run as the sensor temp changes. It runs more often on power on.

I appreciate the insight, should make picking the right lepton a bit easier!